Deterioration : A state stupid enough to be ignored



I have been deteriorating. I may sound artistic but, it’s what is happening to me. Slowly, as the hour is moving by, my sense of ability is coming to a place where I don’t find myself in a comfortable position. I feel interacting with people is tough enough as anything they say or do would hurt me in a way that would linger on my pain and the state in which I am currently in. So, I cut-off all the┬ásocial contacts feeling that would eventually make me know myself better. But, now I realize this is not how things have to turn out. My survival suggests my presence is needed. And, it has to be me who has to be treated. So, treat yourself with reasons to live and treat yourself with small reasons to breathe.



Human beings are known for the actions they perform, the love they spread, for the innovations they make. Ignorable but true, very few realize that, we spend our life in a stage or in other words in a lie. No one knows what happens there in the backstage, even the protagonist or the individual. We lie, keep our dirty little secrets with ourselves and ultimately start living┬áthem. They pile up so much that we don’t even recognize our true selves. Why did it even happen in the first place?

It was because you were unsecured, worried, perplexed. You were not strong enough so you lied and lied.
Process went and you had the secrets.
Slowly steadily like a crawling little baby it blackened your world and you became a mystery and
And, there in the backstage you got butchered brutally and the screen never opened and sadly, only you had the key. And, the secret got caved there forever. Hassle-free in peace just like you wanted.
And your life meaningless slept there forever just what, you never wanted.

The secret!

What you lucidly know about you is,
you’re special.
Little you knew about,
the secrets that you made.
Born from lie, a mystery.
You made in life ’cause of the secret.

It was a cowardice act by an ethereal person,
but you looked much stronger.
A pain wrenched no longer.
The release of love for people was possible,
when you took that dose,the secret.

Slowly, you forgot who you are.
Drained in the sea you went so far.
Lucidly, you killed your soul.
Still you laughed carelessly,
trapped in a troll.
And, were happy you still had that Secret!

Euphoric, life was never to you.
But, you were alone you said.
Did anybody know you?No.
Did you yourself know you?No.
Acrimoniously they behaved,
and the secret killed you and slayed.
But, who knew?
The secret just went with you.
And your life remained a Secret!