I am a terrorist

80 people died 216 injured. “Bomb blasts reported at Johri Bazaar, Badi Chaupar. Please be careful. Stay indoors. Watch news channels”. I got a message from the Jaipur police station. It was 8:00 pm. My friend Siddharth had gone to buy some electronic circuits from the Radio market there. I called him and the phone replied “Switch Off”. “Fuck off!” I said. Waited an hour and no response from him. I had got 20 missed calls from his parents and still ringing. At last held my guts and received the call. “Beta! I heard there were some bomb blasts there, everything fine!” she innocently asked. I said, “Yeah aunty! Actually we’re out to have our dinner”. Did not have the guts to tell a word to her, thought of waiting for an hour. Her girlfriend messaged me, “Where’s he. Phone switched off. Tell him Sorry because of the chocolates. Tell him that I promise to give him that tomorrow. Miss u sid, mmuuuaahhhh!” . I don’t know why these lovers can’t even hide their emotions even when they are messaging on someone else’s phone.

“7 serial synchronized bomb blast” were the continuous News Headlines. I was reading it as many times as possible so as to get a positive meaning out of it. But, every time it gave the same black meaning. Sitting on the sofa and eyes all glued to the TV. I was thinking of Siddharth giving me a hi-fi through that and shouting, “See buddy I made it here in TV just for you man” and I would call him and say “F*** you ass** come back soon”. And then came another message from Sneha,”Where is my babu? 😦 ” and I didn’t reply.

I didn’t know a thing about, why the attack was done. I didn’t know who they were. I don’t care what their religion is. I just knew one thing that some beautiful lives were on the verge of loosing their smile forever. I was on the verge of loosing my bestest buddy forever. News channels now started showing the Terror group names who were on the Hits listings,  Lashkar-e-Toiba, Al-Queada. And there joining me with my terrible condition another friend of mine Fareed Ahmed. One of my 2nd bestest friend I could say. “Sid aya nahi” he asked. I said, “Na bhai! Pata nahi kya ho gya, kamine ka phone bhi switch off aa rha hai”. And, we’re back to our screen with the magnified versions of the attacks which were drenching my blood vessels out of my heart. And suddenly a Headline came ,”May be this time again a Muslim Terror Group has done it” . And with that Fareed went away to his room. And I saw that connection of Immaturity of Indian media. I thought this was where the real bomb blast happened. When the people of the nation were made to feel unsecured. When the people were made disintegrated, when the people were broke down, when due to the futility of our brain we cause these damages to the hearts of millions. I thought again. Muslim group. What? What has terrorism to do with a Muslim group or a Hindu Group or a Christian group? What if I were in place of Fareed. Would I had left the place? Why is this sense of immaturity there in our nation? And with this we caused the real and actual trouble. Actually a psychology worked here. When we hear that the best player in the world of Football is Ronaldo, a picture that comes to our mind is that, Brazilians are good at playing football. When some watch Sachin making a century they think that Indians are good at playing Cricket. When AR Rehman gets an Oscar, the whole world knows that Indians are good at Music. Which simply means that image works with all these. Similarly, when a group or a community is named after something the entire community is patched with it. Don’t we understand this simple little thing? With this sense of futility, senselessness in us, I really feel I am a terrorist who walks around free in this Idiotic stupid Black World.

Knock! Knock! And I jumped out of the sofa opened the door and it was Sid with pizzas in his hands and with a stylish haircut taken from a spa at GT because of which he was late. I replied to his girlfriend, “Sid is back, call him now, he never needed the chocolates, he just needs you ”, Fareed

came shouting from his room and three of us hugged each other. I called to sid’s home, “Aunty ye lo baat karo aagya pagal” and it was all normal. I switched off the Television set but with a doubt in my mind that do Terrorists have a Religion? Then clearing my mind, saying loudly inside YES! IT’S TERRORISM ITSELF!


The Black World – That day I raped her

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Every girl is a funambulist (tight rope walker) as she walks through the tiny, narrow lanes of emotions, understanding, love and care. So, what is it that makes some tics (blood sucking insects) even touch them?  Some say their covering, some say their smile, and some say fun drags us there. So, is it a human nature to thrash away someone’s life just because your heart appreciated the dress or just because you loved the smile or just because you wanted to have some fun? No! It just gives a dark example of inhumanity and insanity. What I want to show you are the pictures of what and how the world sees it.

6 guys, oh! sorry shits, destructed an innocent girl, slaughtered her flesh, terminated her life and here the world was asking the perpetrators reason for why they have done it, there someone just lost her life and here we were deciding the age of juvenility. Well, was the world directly showing empathy towards the victim and indirectly showing sympathy towards the perpetrators? Whenever we put a question and ask “why” is when we show our mind being futile. Is there any reason for this behavior? Do we need to even hear them? Do we seriously need an age for “Juvenile Cases” for this particular case? The old enough people who can do Rape do we need to call them “Juvenile”. Is it what we want to prove when we put on trials on them for years deciding whether the crime they committed was really some kind of crime? My worry occurs here when I analyze the laws of this nation. Are they really some serious laws? We have been taught from our very childhood, “India and its cultural heritage” and now I can proudly say here we are. A slum where we live our dignified lives, a dark world were citizens are crushed, a place where futility, Immaturity rises as the day goes on, a place where the corrupt leaders grow and safeguard their own interests. We lazily bounce on these bubbles complaining to the deaf and molest, tease, accost and Rape the most beautiful creatures of the world and yet consider ourselves to be culturally sound. That day when the six guys raped that girl, I raped her too. With this feeling of regression I really feel god chose wrong regents to handle Gods own Country.

These perpetrators should be given death penalty as soon as possible to give a lesson to all those who jump in the midst of these dense fogs of corruption, illegality, crime thinking laws are there to protect them as they are the citizens of “The Black World”.

Holi #YoutoobusytoPlay


I went to my past, as the colorful faces of the kids tranquilized me and made me squirt to my very #Past

I miss being a kid.
But they say we never went.

So, is it me who walked away?
Soon, I blinked my eyes convinced myself saying , “Mann! I have better things to do”.

Do I? Than being colored?

Happy holi to both who celebrated and to them too who were too busy to do the so called #Important Work(like me :P).