Deterioration : A state stupid enough to be ignored



I have been deteriorating. I may sound artistic but, it’s what is happening to me. Slowly, as the hour is moving by, my sense of ability is coming to a place where I don’t find myself in a comfortable position. I feel interacting with people is tough enough as anything they say or do would hurt me in a way that would linger on my pain and the state in which I am currently in. So, I cut-off all the social contacts feeling that would eventually make me know myself better. But, now I realize this is not how things have to turn out. My survival suggests my presence is needed. And, it has to be me who has to be treated. So, treat yourself with reasons to live and treat yourself with small reasons to breathe.

What do you expect from a man~

What do you expect from a man~

From hope it begins, then, we do all sins. Behaving like a superman, So, fake is our clan. We’re not heroes, but, simple men on toes. Competing with the fiction, it’is becoming our addiction. I never knew it would be … Continue reading

Cheers to Life!


I see some dots so small,
Hidden under the lines.
And then some drops of water,
Hidden under the streams.
Then I could see my heart, so corrupt,
Hidden by the brain so fast.
I see those strong metals working hard,
Hidden under the paints.
The b’ful essence,
Always we could just sense.

As stars from far looks small,
The magnanimity of life, also looks small.
But I see a difference.
With stars they are far away,
But to admire the breath we get,
We’re so close to it.
Even then, we never see it as BIG.

So, lets do it now.
Go close your eyes, sit near a beach 
And give, 
A cheers to life!

Holi #YoutoobusytoPlay


I went to my past, as the colorful faces of the kids tranquilized me and made me squirt to my very #Past

I miss being a kid.
But they say we never went.

So, is it me who walked away?
Soon, I blinked my eyes convinced myself saying , “Mann! I have better things to do”.

Do I? Than being colored?

Happy holi to both who celebrated and to them too who were too busy to do the so called #Important Work(like me :P).