The 7 Romantic notes which you don’t need to know



I played a key and it was so brittle that it broke even when it did not fall in ground. It became silent when I touched it softly. She told me to keep the secret and yes I did. They were seven different one of them and each one was there to guide me to build the best. Though I tried a lot to make them smile. But, it was always tough. One need not to be intelligent but had to go with the essence of the environment to make it smile, laugh and make that sound, Kindle and soft. Sometimes, starting from higher notes, sometimes from the lower ones I pressed it hard and sometimes soft, just to make her happy. But, yes it was tough. And, then one day while playing it I realized that every time I played something, same or different they actually were happy, they actually did kindle but, in a different way. But, the reason I could not see it was because I expected it be in a way. And, now I realize it doesn’t work that way.
As, they were the queens of their palaces and I was a mere artist.


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