Stupid | Silly & Cute || U n ur parents

Stupid | Silly & Cute || U n ur parents

They are your mom and dad, they don’t need to be right. Just like your beloved, they are stupid too. They can be wrong too, but do you disrespect your friends for that, because you understand your friends can be wrong and just like that even though I understand you fully trust them and don’t expect stupidity, at the end of the day, they are who you are going to be. So can’t you be wrong?

Don’t listen to your mom n dad.
‘Cause no matter what you do,
They will say u r bad.
There is no reason to be sad.
That is just another ad.

Your heart and that shirt,
Just like a disturbed earth.
Don’t you know this is just another birth?
And you are sitting on one of the berth
Nude, feud, shrewd is the relationship.
You just sail on that ship.
Sometimes you slip.
At times you flip.
But, have no option than to be in the clip.


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