The Fantastic Man!

The Fantastic Man!

We always talk about heroes. We being one of them, we
talk about heroes. Our soul inside unaware punctuating
with grief about us being childish. ‘Cause we acted
like that, the stupids. You were always perfect and a
man of honor. But, you lost it in this ill, unhealthy
world.It was a war where you had come to fight and you
were allied. You lost and god lost the war against
inhumanity. If you would have retained that man inside
you. With man (I mean the qualities that even a woman
would pursue). You would become that perfect man. And
yes, it never was easy!

We are one of that billions of stars.
Tailored with the best.
Concerning our faith,
We walk in a haste.
Sometimes a bit cruel,
but in a pool we swirl.
Dishonest yet pure.
A sugar tasting sour.
Yes! I am talking about him,
The man.

Immoral, but strong.
That was not you.
‘Cause you were born perfect.
Chiseled, shaped, polished you rose.
Strong, masculine your body froze.
They told me once:
Be there as a man who would put an example.
Be there as a man whose life is stable.
Be there as a man humble, gentle and loving.
And, Be there as a man who will be a God.
And, I said, “Be that perfect man who would be called

The Fantastic man”.


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