She looks great!

She looks great!

One day we’re coming back from a shopping and I don’t know why she asked me “Do I look great?”
Throughout the way I kept saying something adorable but she teased me for lying, which I was not. She really looks great, no matter what. Coming back home, I pulled out my diary from her shelve, which she loves to keep with herself. And I read her this.

“Through the odds, when you smiled.
Controlling yourself, when you look dignified.
When you showed your decency.
But, being alone smoked a pipe so fancy.

When, you said a lie, and I caught you.
When you expressed yourself to me, and I fought you.
When your eyes watered and I shouted at you.
When you slept and I loved you.

All those evening walks we made,
And, when I lived in your shade.
Yes, you looked great.”

And, she came, hugged me so tightly that I could feel her bones. And teased me saying ,”And Now?”

~Go love her for what she is , ‘coz believe it or not. She would look great!~


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