Duality of Life | The Dancer




They distract you.
They would break you.
Every time is the hardest when they betray you.
They will hate you,
For whom you are.
Make you what you not are.
Then, it’s you who has to choose,
Either break your life or build one.

They will scare you,
They will pull you.
But, as you build that world.
They will live in it, 
And will love you for who you are, what you are.
And it’s the duality of life


Cheers to Life!


I see some dots so small,
Hidden under the lines.
And then some drops of water,
Hidden under the streams.
Then I could see my heart, so corrupt,
Hidden by the brain so fast.
I see those strong metals working hard,
Hidden under the paints.
The b’ful essence,
Always we could just sense.

As stars from far looks small,
The magnanimity of life, also looks small.
But I see a difference.
With stars they are far away,
But to admire the breath we get,
We’re so close to it.
Even then, we never see it as BIG.

So, lets do it now.
Go close your eyes, sit near a beach 
And give, 
A cheers to life!